Igreja Baptista de Esgueira

Rua Bento de Moura Nº 23 – Esgueira
3800-276 AVEIRO

A igreja fica em frente a Cresce e Jardim da Infância da Santa Casa de Misericórdia.

Apartado 704 – Esgueira
3800-114  Aveiro

telf: 234 308 314 (Igreja)



telf: 234 347 101

tlm: 965 363 986

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  1. Jurgen Herbst says:

    Dear Pastor David,
    My wife Christine and I have moved to Aveiro and now we are looking for a home church. We would be interested in getting to know you and your church. Would it be best to come tomorrow at 10am or 11:15 to the service?
    Looking forward to meeting you soon,
    Christine & Jurgen Herbst

    • admin says:

      Good evening Jurgen Herbst. I deeply apologize for not returning your email much sooner. I just now saw your email. I hope we could still meet some time. My phone number is 965 363 986. Please give me a call so that we can set up a time to meet. If you are still interested in visiting our church, either the 10am or 11am service would work. Looking forward to meeting you.

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